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Windsor-Essex Care for Kids Foundation SpokesKids

The Windsor Essex Care for Kids Foundation holds it’s Spokeskids search on a bi-annual basis. Every other year the Foundation looks for seven (7) volunteer SpokesKids, ages 7 through 11 to represent the Foundation in it’s advertising and fundraising campaigns. SpokesKids are featured on the Foundation’s website, promotional materials and represent W.E. Care for Kids at local media and fundraising events for two (2) years.

The next auditions will be held in 2019. Please check back with us for more information regarding the next SpokesKids Search.


Our SpokesKids

kevin-zhangKevin Zhang

“I want to be a W.E Care for Kids SpokesKid because I can have an opportunity to help others. I do care about the children that are sick and know what it’s like to be in a hospital bed surrounded by strangers. This is a really good chance to improve myself and achieve my goals.”

devyn-nicholsDevyn Nichols

“I want to be SpokesKid because I have anxiety but I have control of it and want to help other kids do the same thing by making sure they can get the health care they need close to home. Helping people is important to me. I had to go to the hospital recently for a serious allergic reaction, and it made me realize how important it is to have emergency health care close by.”

jack-pisaniJack Pasini

 “I want to become a SpokesKid for W.E. Care for Kids because I have friends who have allergies and disabilities and I want to do what I can to help them. My cousin Quinn has allergies to nuts, which makes his life more difficult and makes me really sad. When I heard about W.E. Care for Kids I didn’t feel sad for Quinn anymore, I started to feel happy and hopeful because I know that W.E. Care for Kids is helping kids, like my cousin Quinn!”


ashley-sheppleyAshley Shepley

“I want to become a W.E Care for Kids SpokesKid so that I can help raise money for sick kids. I really want to help sick kids in my community to be healthy. I also enjoy going out and meeting new people and trying new things. I am very excited to get started!

maria-houadMarie Houad

“I am very proud to be a W.E Care SpokesKid because I feel very badly for kids who are sick in the hospital! I want to help them by raising money in the community and giving back to the hospital here in Windsor. I know when I am sick it’s no fun so we need to help!”

zoha-awanZoha Awan

“I want to be a W.E Care for Kids SpokesKid because I want to meet people that are as interested in helping others as I am. I know it’s not exciting or fun at all to be in the hospital. I want to help as many kids I can get better quickly and make sure they always have a healthy life. I’m also very excited to do fundraisers, donations, the pizza parties and much more. We do fun things to fundraise money and it to the hospital to help sick kids! IT’S A WIN-WIN!”

vaughn-truppeVaughn Truppe

“I want to be a W.E. Care for Kids SpokesKid and help raise money to make kids feel better!”

emma-romualdiEmma Romualdi

“I am honoured to have been chosen as a W.E. Care for Kids SpokesKid because I know when I am not feeling well, I want my parents around me.  I know there are children that are in the hospital and have to travel away from home to see their doctors and get better and have to stay at the Ronald McDonald House.  W.E. Care for Kids has helped to build a new Ronald McDonald House in Windsor and I am proud to help in our community, especially with W.E. Care for Kids!”

natalija-crevenkovskiNatalija Crevenkovski

“I want to be a W.E. Care for Kids SpokesKid because I want to raise awareness that there are many kids and families who need help. I also want to be able to help get more donators for this amazing foundation. I know that if I was sick, all I would want is my family by my side. I also want to help make fundraisers and get people I know to donate to W.E. Care for Kids.”


marcus-soletMarkus Solet

 “I became a W.E. Care for Kids SpokesKid because mysister had hip dysplasia and she had to travel to London a lot for appointments. I would like to help kids in Windsor stay closer to home when possible by not having to travel all the time for appointments.”


david-fordDavid Ford

“I have been blessed in my life to have people around me who love me and want to invest in me. I have gotten involved with W.E. Care for Kids so I could have the opportunity to invest in others and give back a little.”


ella-scarlettElla Scarlett

“I am honored to be a W.E. Care For Kids, SpokesKid.  I’m inspired by my own heroes, my brother Christopher and my niece Hailey who sadly both passed away. My brother was very involved in raising money for children’s cancer organizations after our niece passed away at 7 years old, with a brain tumor.  I’m most proud to be a part of W.E. Care For Kids because it raises money for so many programs to help sick kids, that are so important to them and their families.”



pheonix-cheesemanPheonix Cheeseman


tayshaun-daoTayshaun Dao

“I am very honoured and proud to be a W.E. Care for Kids SpokesKid because I want to make a difference in our community by helping children in need. Being a part of such a great campaign brings me one step closer to inspiring those around me and the community to help those in need.”


coming-soonJack Robson


“I want to be an W.E Care for kids SpokesKid because I like trying new things and meeting new people. I am interested in helping raise money to help kids in our community who are sick. I’m looking forward to the next two years of volunteering as a W.E Care For Kids SpokesKid!”