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Windsor-Essex Care for Kids Foundation SpokesKids

The Windsor Essex Care for Kids Foundation holds it’s Spokeskids search on a bi-annual basis. Every other year the Foundation looks for seven (7) volunteer SpokesKids, ages 7 through 11 to represent the Foundation in it’s advertising and fundraising campaigns. SpokesKids are featured on the Foundation’s website, promotional materials and represent W.E. Care for Kids at local media and fundraising events for two (2) years.

The next auditions will be held on February 26, 2017. Please check back with us for more information regarding the next SpokesKids Search.


Our SpokesKids

JaycieJaycie LeClair

“I want to be a W.E. Care for Kids SpokesKid because I want to help other kids in the community be healthy, as I know from experience that being sick is not fun. I also want to give back what was given to me when I was sick because it’s nice knowing someone else cared about me.”

KaleKale Ross

“I am proud to be a SpokesKid because family is very important and children need to be with their families…especially when they are sick.  It makes me feel really happy to help people.”

AndieAndie Solet

“I wanted to become a W.E. Care for Kids SpokesKid because when I was younger I had a lot of surgeries and travelled to the London hospital. I saw a lot of kids that were sick but worse than me! I wanted to help them and when I found out about the W.E. Care for Kids program I thought that this was a good chance for me to help them.”

JosephJoseph Gough

“I am very proud to be a We Care for Kids SpokesKid!  I like meeting people, helping others and being involved in my community.  I want to help fundraise money to help kids who have either physical or mental health issues, so they won’t have to travel out-of-town for the medical help they need.   One day when I grow up, I want to be a paramedic or a doctor so I can help people have good health.”

GabbyGabriella Polanco

“I want to be a W.E. Care for Kids SpokesKid because I have always enjoyed helping others. What better way than to get involved and help my own community? I want to help sick kids stay near their home and not have to travel to London or Toronto to get help. Families should stay together, especially when someone is sick. They should be surrounded by the people that love them. I can’t wait to see how I can help the W.E. Care for Kids Foundation!”

CameronCameron Stahlbrand

“ I would like to be a W.E. Care For Kids SpokesKid because it is great to help families in need and my family knows how it feels.  I was born 6 weeks early and spent a month in the NICU.  My parents have told me how happy they were that I did not have to go to another city and that I was able to get better right here at home!”

EmilyEmily Poulin

“I want to be a W.E. Care for Kids SpokesKid because my sister, Ashley, was one for the last two years. I went to some of the events and they were really fun. It showed me how important it is to have W.E. Care for Kids in our community.”

SelenaSelena Rezler

“I wanted to be a SpokesKid because I LOVE helping others.  It is very important to me to help those that are in need; especially children! I want to be out in the community to show people just what children can do to make a difference. I want to show kids just how much I care. I am the voice that can make a difference!”

LaurenLauren Hickey

“I want to be a W.E. Care for Kids SpokesKid as I want to help kids who are sick be with their families, as being with your family is very important.  I have done fundraising in the past with yard sales, bake sales and homemade book mark sales and donated my hair for Cancer.  I know fundraising is s lot of work and I have a lot of energy to help.  I am excited to be a SpokesKid so I can tell others about W.E. Care for Kids!”

EmmaEmma McDonald

“I am proud to be a W.E. Cart for Kids SpokesKid because I want to make a difference for all Kids, especially sick Kids. We all need to support each other and provide the best possible care for the children of Windsor and Essex County. Being a SpokesKid gives me the opportunity to do my part and to encourage others to do theirs.”

FionaFiona Lewsaw
BrookeBrooke Dupis

“I want to be a W.E. Care for Kids SpokesKid because I want all sick kids to be able to get medical treatment at home and I like trying new things.”

GraceGrace Gayowsky

“I am proud to be a W.E. Care For Kids SpokesKid because it gives me the opportunity to help children in our community to get the help they need her,e so they don’t have to travel and they can be with their families!”